Understanding Alcoholism Disorders And Their Treatment

Understanding Alcoholism Disorders And Their Treatment

Is dehydration the only reason why people get hangovers? Not Really! The symptoms of hangover occur because alcohol not only dehydrates you also disrupts your electrolyte balance and may even interfere with your immune and brain activity. All these lead to increased thirst, headache, dizziness, nausea, and temporary problems with concentration. Don’t Overdo It: Recommended … Read more

5 Ways to Improve Anxiety

Anxiety is the feeling of fear or uneasiness. All of us feel anxious when we face a stressful situation like when we have an interview, just before an exam, or a stressful situation at our workplace. It sometimes can be good because it gives us energy and makes us fully aware of the situation. But … Read more

The Importance of Cyber Security in Modern Society

We live in an era where all of us are connected through the Internet and technology. Computers and other devices are used for various purposes in companies, no matter how big or small, by individuals, businesses, health and education systems, etc. We store all our personal and official data on devices connected through the Internet. … Read more

Is Online Dating A Trustworthy Source to Find Your Life Partner?

Is Online Dating A Trustworthy Source to Find Your Life Partner? - BlogiMine

Are you looking for your life partner on online dating sites? Even though the rise of dating apps has increased and is continuously growing, these pools can be relatively shallow. Just like every coin has two sides, online dating sources have their own pros and cons as well. However, in the search for a potential … Read more

What is Emotional Wellness? The 5 R’s of Emotional Well Being

What is Emotional Wellness

This topic of the blog has been chosen to keep in mind the need for healthy relationships, essential good mental health, increasing stress, perceived negative feelings which we can see around us in the people. These all lead to impact the lives of the people badly both personally and professionally. What is emotional wellness and … Read more

What is BlockChain Technology and How Blockchain Technology Works in Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin ?

What is Blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology is a term that means differently to many people, for developers it is a set of protocols and encryption technology used for storing data securely on a distributed network, for business and finance it is a distributed ledger in the technology underlying the explosion of new digital currencies, for technologists, it is the … Read more

How to create custom post in WordPress without using plugin

How to create custom post in WordPress without using plugin - BlogiMine

What is Custom Post? In WordPress CMS, Custom posts are similar to regular WordPress posts. The only difference between a regular post and a custom post is its post type in the database. The Post type of a regular post is only “post” but in the custom post, you can define your own post type … Read more

How to Speak English Fluently and Confidently? 10 Tips to Speak Fluent English.


How to speak English fluently and confidently is the topic of the need for everyone these days as communicative English is most important to Mark your presence professionally and it also helps in your career development. 10 Tips to speak English fluently and confidently- this is not like speaking English more often or reading more … Read more