June 23, 2024

What are the best career options after Class 12th in Arts Stream? Being an art student do you think about this question often and choosing the right career can change your entire life. Have you not taken science or commerce in class 12th? Are you a student of Arts and wondering about the various career options which you can opt for a stable future?

We come across many students who are from the Humanities stream or taken arts in class 12th, who feel that if they have not chosen science or commerce stream remain worried that if they will get promising future or not. But now the time has changed with globalization multiple new domains have emerged in the stream of Arts and wide range of options have become available for or Arts and Humanities students. Here in this article, we will discuss the best career options after class 12th in Arts Stream is for you then.

Best career options after Class 12th in Arts Stream:

Two different types of courses or career options are available for all the students of Arts on Humanities. The first one is professional courses and the second one is academic courses as the career option after class 12th in Arts stream. We will be exploring both these types in this blog so that every student can understand that after completion of class 12th in the arts stream, which course you can think of opting in Humanities both professionally and academically.

  • Professional Diploma Courses
  • Academic Humanities Courses

(A) Lists of Professional Diploma Courses as a career option after Class 12th in Arts Stream:

1. Fashion Designing:

Fashion designing is one of the very promising fields today and a good career option where anyone has to customize apparels and various kind of lifestyle accessories.
This profession is for the creative people who can utilize their skills in designing the clothes, accessories of styling this glamorous industry definitely brains a high package and is surely a demanding sector today all you need is to be very creative and also must be well versed with the managerial skills. As a fashion designer you need to work from the conception to the final stage of any product. Moreover creating the new designs selecting the right fabric developing the right packages for the customers heading the team and presenting the theme to the clients is all done by a fashion designer.

2. Event Management:

Event management is all about managing the complete events for both small and large gatherings. All kinds of events either personal or professional, ranging from weddings, birthday parties, national or international conferences and corporate meetings or festivals comes under the event management. For being an event manager you need to be a good social person, a good listener to satisfy the clients, a cooperative team made and a very well organizer to accomplish the tasks on time.

3. Journalism:

Journalism in the field of storytelling writing the news reporting at the local National and international level. It is an adventurous career path for all those who have the inclination towards the media who are unbiased and fearless. It is one of the professions which promises good financial stability once you start working with some good news agencies.

4. Animation:

3D animations is the field of both Static and dynamic cartoon creation and development. This is the field where you work on both Static and dynamic pictures that create and illusions of different motions on them.

Graphic Designing – It’s the field of creating the layouts of any product, design of a website or even the graphics for the various books. It’s all about creating fascinating designs which communicate the exact messages through it, by creating attractive visual content. As a graphic designing professional anyone can earn a lucrative amount if you have any experience and you can work in a dynamic environment with flexible timings.

5. Hotel Management:

The hotel industry is somehow associated field of travel and tourism industry, where the accommodation is facilitated to all the tourists or clients. When you pursue a career in hotel management you need to be efficient to manage the entire staff of the hotel, satisfy the customers and ensure that all the services in the hotel are up to date. This industry promises good job perks if you have good leadership skills, communication skills, work under the pressure, you have multitasking skills, problem-solving skills, and most important excellent organizational skills.

6. Interior designing

Interior designing is all about designing, creating, and accommodating people within comfortable living spaces. Interior designers are supposed to use their creative skills and technical knowledge to reuse an indoor space in the most efficient manner to make it comfortable for the population.

7. Aviation Industry:

The aviation industry offers multiple career options for the art students as ground staff on the airports, as an air hostess or in a cabin crew, or a flight attendant. This career option promises both a good salary and a reputation.

8. Film Industry:

The film industry is an attractive and lucrative profession that can be taken up by art students in case anyone has an inclination towards scripting, creating visual masterpieces, shooting, directing, choreographing, etc. To pursue a career as a filmmaker one has to possess the skills of being creative, innovative thinker, unique storyteller, a good observant, and definitely a good leader.

9. Photography:

Photography as a career of today’s digital era where you need to apply your own unique ways and creativity to capture the word its beauty and resplendence. Choose photography as a career if you have an artistic vision, you can give attention to every minute detail of photography and have patience. Moreover, in photography knowledge of cameras, lenses, Photo editing software and other technical equipment play an important role.

10. Digital Marketing:

Unlike the other technical courses, digital marketing is the carrier option for all the students of any stream Science, Commerce or Arts. This is the field of advertising in the marketing of various products to attract customers online. When marketing is done online through the use of digital media is called digital marketing. If you have creative thinking then this is the career for you, it includes video marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), content marketing, website designing, email marketing, etc.

11. Tourism Industry:

Students from any stream have many exciting career opportunities in this dynamically growing travel and tourism industry which are exciting and adventurous also. In this field, students can work as Travel Agent, Tour Guide, Tourism Manager, and much more.

12. Yoga:

Yoga is a good career choice being an ancient art that aims to improve both mental and physical health. These days many institutions across the globe offer Yoga related diploma courses. Yoga Instructor is very much in demand and has become a very promising career now with both full-time and part-time job opportunities.

13. Makeup Industry

This is the field of beauty & wellness full of glamor with so many generous opportunities and nice rewards.
The today beauty industry is an ever-expanding, dynamically ever-changing, fascinating which attracts all youngsters. For innovative and ambitious students, this is a very good field with promising rewards as per the potential. Both in the job sector and personal business opportunities are there leading to financial independence for anyone. You can work in any of the subfields now like as a hairstylist, Colorist, Nail professional, Esthetician, or Makeup Artist.

(B) List of Academic Humanities Courses as a career option after Class 12th in Arts Stream:

  • Bachelor Of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor Of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Bachelor Of Arts & Bachelor of Law (B.A. L.L.B.)
  • Bachelor Of Computer Application (BCA)
  • Diploma In Education (DEd)
  • Bachelor of Business Management [BMS]
  • Bachelor of Physical Education [BPEd]
  • Bachelor Of Mass Media (BMM)
  • Bachelor of Business Studies [BBS]
  • A (Animation & Computer Graphics)
  • Bachelor Of Design
  • BA In Psychology
  • Bachelor Of Social Work (BSW)
  • Bachelor Of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • Bachelor Of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)

1. Bachelor of Arts (BA):

It’s an undergraduate full time course for 3 years in various fields like social sciences, humanities, and liberal arts. BA is definitely of the most promising degree course for Arts students. After completion easily any student can grab the job in academics, tours and travels, hospitality and much more.
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – BBA is one of the best course available for arts students after class 12th. Bachelor of Business Administration is most coveted bachelor degree with lucrative career options for students after class 12th. It is surely a top-level business administration course offered by various universities and belongs to of Management Studies domain. Multiple subjects like Operations, finance, economics, accounting etc are covered in this further which can be taken up as specializations in masters.

2. Bachelor Of Fine Arts (BFA):

The students who have interest in the visual or performing arts for them, it is the best career option as they have a creative flair. Just like a common B.A. course, B.F.A degree course is also of 3-year duration that have subjects like Fine Arts, Visual Arts, or Performing Arts.

3. Bachelor Of Arts & Bachelor of Law (B.A. L.L.B.):

An integrated course covering the two subject arts and law both is of 5 years duration. The beauty of this course is that you can get the two degrees in one curriculum. BA LLB is the combination of Bachelors of Arts and law both domains which also saves your 1 year as you get 2 degrees in 5 years.

4. Bachelor Of Computer Application (BCA) :

Candidates who have a keen interest in the field of computer science, IT and software must take up this course as a career option. It is an undergraduate 3 year course again and the candidate has to clear the intermediate to apply for this course

5. Diploma In Education (DEd):

A very lucrative and promising career option after 12th in arts in teaching for students is a course of Diploma in Education. The candidates surely can get a teaching job in the schools to teach at nursery level and kindergarten at various institutions.

6. Bachelor of Business Management [BMS]:

A professional course in management for students who are ready to take up jobs administration in corporate sector. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) course is specially designed for individuals to understand the basics, essential fundamentals of management and most importantly the organizational structure.

7. Bachelor of Physical Education [BPEd]:

Physical Education which was once an unconventional career option, now has become as a most demanding field of . With the transform of sports and fitness, field of Physical Education has emerged as a most rewarding career path these days. A Bachelor of Physical Education or B.P.Ed is a 3 year undergraduate program available in many universities and with very good job opportunities also.

8. Bachelor of Business Studies [BBS]:

BBS is a 3-year degree course namely Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Business Studies offered by UGC. At the undergraduate level, this degree course imparts both theoretical pieces of knowledge as well as practical knowledge of the subject of business studies. This is a business course that includes the subjects like economics, finance, and accounting with internships for the students to make them learn in real-life situations.

9. B.A (Animation & Computer Graphics):

Bachelor of Arts with specialization in Animation & Computer Graphics is the course that focuses on animations, multimedia, gaming, and designing. Students need to study the various computer languages, the subject of Computer Graphics and work upon the areas like how to move in a match storyboarding the different Technologies and mathematics also. The students from this industry can work mainly for the designing and creation of animated films news media modeling of automobiles etc. This field brings lots of opportunities for students if there are able to .develop their skills in designing, creation, animation, and multimedia.

10. Bachelor of Design:

3-year degree course again works on how to make a brand successful by making design its center of focus. This can be an immensely rewarding course for the students but challenging also as you need to have key skills both theoretically and practically. In the Bachelor of Design later area of design, specialization can be chosen like fashion design, leather design, knitwear design, product design accessory design for interior design, etc.

11. BA In Psychology:

BA in psychology is a bachelor’s program which is 3 years duration and is about starting the mind and behavior of others. Psychology is one of the very important branches which deals with the mental health personality and social behavior of humans and overall human development. Bachelor’s degree can prepare you very well to work as a counselor in schools, institutions, corporate sector, and further even the master’s and doctorate can be done with the same subject.

12. Bachelor Of Social Work (BSW):

As a social worker after completion of the Bachelor of social work, you are supposed to work on the issues like child education, child protection, or even policy development which can be social or public. Basically, social workers deal with the multiple problems faced by the different people of the society which can be day-to-day problems or highly complicated also. If you have an intention to work for the betterment of others selflessly then this is the field for you. It is one of the very responsible professions and equally meaningful. To begin with the bachelor of social work you can start your career and can acquire the higher degrees of masters and so on further.

13. Bachelor Of Hotel Management (BHM):

The Hotel Management industry brings various opportunities for the students of are in case they possess the degree of Bachelor of Hotel Management. Bachelor’s degree in hotel management trains the aspirants to enter into the hospitality industry where the students are taught a broad range of topics including lodging management, food and beverage, management of events, tours, and overall management of the hotel. It is one of the very lucrative professions with the very good purpose of the world with experience you again and depending upon your own personal skills.

14. Bachelor Of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC):

Complete 3 years Bachelor’s program in Journalism and Mass Media Communication is for those students who are extrovert what and can express their ideas either in the form of written articles in the newspaper or verbally. The full course comprises 6 semesters and includes the in-depth study of the various fields related to journalism and Mass Communication. The subfields of Journalism and Mass Communication are namely television productions, the advertisement industry, writing content online and offline, social media content, the role of media in the law and ethics, and event management. This is also a challenging profession and you must have complete socio-economic knowledge about the country on the regular basis and be able to do the analysis of the various topic from different aspects.

In this article, we have given the various career options after class 12th in the arts stream and hope so that you will be able to decide the best one for you after analyzing your own personal skills, strengths and weaknesses. The most important is to find out your own interest area first and then look for the most suitable profession for you where you feel that you can give your best.

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