April 14, 2024

How to speak English fluently and confidently is the topic of the need for everyone these days as communicative English is most important to Mark your presence professionally and it also helps in your career development. 10 Tips to speak English fluently and confidently- this is not like speaking English more often or reading more books. This is based on practical advanced research-based facts which are tried and tested, definitely easy techniques to help you speak English fluently and confidently.

How To Speak English Fluently:

Do you feel that you are not making progress with your spoken English? Like you are stuck, Today in this article here are simple tips to speak English fluently and confidently. All of these things which you can do every day, that will help improve your spoken English and help you get well unstuck.

  1. Thinking in English
  2. Speak into the mirror
  3. Use Collocation
  4. Create short audio
  5. Reading out loud
  6. Watch English movies
  7. Write a diary
  8. Remember Fluency is more important in Grammar
  9. Learn one new word every day
  10. Use tongue twisters in English.

1. Thinking in English:

The way in which you think directly impacts the way in which you speak. This is the first step that initiates you to learn to speak ok in English fluently. Start thinking in English about each and every activity of your daily routine starting with small sentences. For example “I have to wash my clothes”.

2. Speak into the mirror:

This is one of the easiest ways to make yourself start with speaking in English is by using your everyday activities like brushing your teeth, going to the market to buy vegetables, or going shopping. You can use these sentences in front of the mirror to talk about yourself in the present context. When you practice in front of the mirror you can check how you are performing and keep a close watch on your body language. Another way is to pick a particular topic and just talk on the topic for 4 to 5 minutes in front of the mirror to speak about it, it will give you the feeling that you are talking to someone else.

3. Use Collocation:

are the words used together like heavy rain (we never say a big rain)? These are the combinations of the two or three words generally. Examples can be the fast train, fast food, a quick shower, a quick meal. Collocations are used so that when you speak in English your language will be more understandable and natural too. It is a richer way of expressing your ideas and also easier to remember for others. The easiest way to learn the collocations is to observe, recognize and note them wherever you see or hear them. Collect all those collocations and start using them in between your conversation on an everyday basis.

4. Create short audio:

You can create your own short audios on a particular topic, then listen to them yourself and point out your own mistakes to improve them. Also, you can listen to the various short audios of English by other experts on a wide range of topics to observe their fluency, different collocations used, and to learn the accent. Practice creating short audios by yourself on an everyday basis you bring a change and betterment and your communicative English.

5. Reading out loud:

This is one of the most effective ways To speak English fluently and confidently. You can do it yourself by reading the script of one of your favorite English movies, any magazine, or even reading a newspaper. The pronunciation practice can be done using this hue and you need to focus only on how English actually sounds and need not worry about the grammar or structure of the sentences.

6. Watch English movies:

One of the most enjoyable ways to learn English is to watch English movies and observe the accent of the actors, their pronunciation, and the vocabulary being used in the movie. You can note down the various new words and also imitate the actors which you like.

7. Write a diary:

Every day before sleeping develops the habit of writing a diary about what all happened on a particular day. By doing this you will be able to use the past tense and past perfect tense while writing in English. Eventually, with time you will see that your grammar is improving automatically. While writing, you are not bothered about being conscious that anyone is listening to you or judging you.

8. Remember Fluency is more important in Grammar:

The biggest mistake we make is to keep more focus on the grammar while speaking in English and we stop often in between. Confidence and less comfortable we are, when we get stuck at many points while speaking in English. We are supposed to be more fluent rather than being grammatically perfect while talking in English. Say to yourself “It’s okay” whenever you speak in English and appreciate yourself for the good sound. Later start working day by day on the word rule, grammar, and other points to be better.

9. Learn one new word every day:

This is a technique to improve your vocabulary along with fluency while speaking in English. You can create your own dictionary and learn one new word on an everyday basis by reading the newspaper or a magazine whatever you like. This will develop reading skills and also make you learn how to use different words in different contexts. Note down the new word every day and also the two or three sentences using the same word in the correct way. This will help you a lot in using these words differently while speaking without stopping.

10. Use tongue twisters in English:

Tongue twisters are a group of words that are a little difficult to repeat quickly. It is more fun to learn them and use them to make the pronunciation better. You can use some of the popular tongue twisters of the English language and repeat them often.

These days many applications are also available to learn English or you can also join online or offline English speaking courses but until and unless you will not practice it yourself all the efforts go into vain.

We have shared 10 very effective tips to speak fluent English in the above blog. Try out at least 5-6 of them by yourself and surely you will be able to speak English fluently and confidently after 2-3 months.

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