July 16, 2024

Is dehydration the only reason why people get hangovers?

Not Really! The symptoms of hangover occur because alcohol not only dehydrates you also disrupts your electrolyte balance and may even interfere with your immune and brain activity. All these lead to increased thirst, headache, dizziness, nausea, and temporary problems with concentration.

Understanding Alcoholism Disorders And Their Treatment

    1. Don’t Overdo It:

      Recommended limit says men should drink no more than 2 units in a day while women should drink only 1 unit in a day. (1 unit=10ml or 8g of pure alcohol)

    2. Drink Slowly:

      Instead of shots, go for the drinks that you can sip through. On average, an adult takes around 1 hour to process 1 unit of alcohol so that there is none left in the blood. Drinking accordingly will prevent hangovers and drunkenness.

    3. Munch on Snacks

      Eating before and while drinking reduces the amount of alcohol your body absorbs. Looking for healthy snacks? Explore our best range of healthy snacks and keep that hangover away.

    4. Have Plenty of Water Between Your Drinks.

      This will keep you hydrated throughout and after the party, reducing the risk of a hangover.

How Can I Manage the Hangover?


      • Gulp Down Fluids

        Sipping on water, soups or fresh juices helps flush out the toxins and relieve your hangover.

      • Carb-Up For Energy

        Drinking interrupts your sugar level, making you f3eel tired and fatigued. Eat some carbs like toast or a glass of juice to beat the lethargy and rejuvenate yourself.

      • Drink A Cup of Tea or Coffee

        Caffeine won’t make the hangover disappear magically, but will just work as an energy tonic. Remember, coffee can make you pee more, so do keep drinking water to prevent dehydration from worsening.

        Why stick to just one flavor, when you can have many more? Explore our wide range of herbal teas and enjoy their benefits.

      • Avoid Taking “Hair of the Dog”

        it means taking another drink in the morning after the drinking party to help cure the hangover. It doesn’t work. It could instead make it harder to get rid of the hangover symptoms.

      • Follow the Dos & Don,t of Medicines

        You can take ibuprofen for the hangover headache and overall achy feelings. Avoid taking paracetamol. Take antacids if you have an upset stomach or acidity. Taking certain medicines but unsure if you can take alcohol while on it? Get your questions answered from an experts

Remember, there is no safe level of drinking alcohol. And, even the recommended levels do not guarantee safety for all people at all times.

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