June 24, 2024
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Bad Impact of smartphones on Our Mental health

Where ever we go these days we can find mobile phones in the hands of students, teenagers as well as elders. Smartphone has become pervasive amongst the youngsters and children over the past decade which enable the constant communication and constant information available everywhere.

How we are using mobile phones?

We all use mobile phones immoderately without being concerned about its impact on our physical and mental health. The following are the various ways in which we use the mobile phones-

    1. We all use mobile phone for long hours for continuous chatting.
    2. Many times for attending online classes.
    3. Checking for hundreds of WhatsApp messages.
    4. For spending time on social media by watching videos our posts on Facebook, Instagram feeds, Twitter or LinkedIn.
    5. Millions of videos are watched by people on YouTube.
    6. These days video conferencing do the mobile phones also adds to the use mobile phone.
    7. Smartphones enable us to use MS Office completely on the digital device. So many times we are bound do you use the mobile phone professionally for long hours without a break.

These days when the mobile phone is one of the most wonderful invention off the 20th century on the other side is causing harm to the mental health of the students as well as youth. At many places the research has shown that it has a big connection between the cell phones and various health problems in the following ways. Headaches, less focus, loosing temper, disorders in sleep, and depression are some of the major problems reported among the teenagers. The mobiles actually produce the radio waves which can evenly to cancer.

Most of the students these days are busy with their mobile phones either while eating food all or even riding on public transportation. It has been found at many places during the research that smartphone which has become the medium of online studies these days is also adding stress amongst the students. It has been seen in the various studies that all the students and teenagers use their smart phones for a long time are getting the signs of depression.
Very important it has become these days to identify the possible side effects of using too much mobile phone as most of the children and young people use it continuously leading to poor mental health.

Studies have shown the following impact of smartphones of the digital era today-

  • This leads to less sleep causing insomnia.
  • Psychological disorders amongst teenagers at a young age.
  • Increased cases of depression, suicide, and health problems have been found in teenagers in a recent study.
  • Overuse of smartphones hazards eyesight body posture and hearing also.
  • The addiction to smartphones leads to anxiety and poor mental health
  • It can lead to many psychological disorders also.
  • In some cases may lead to behavioral disorders.

Now a day’s smartphones have become mandatory in our life and we cannot even think of being without our phones for even 5 minutes. As soon as in the morning we wake up we are in the habit of checking our social media accounts along with our bed tea and before we sleep WhatsApp messages are our top priority to be replied to. This is always magic-like amazing technology that has completely changed everyone’s life. We find information about purchasing goods, and communicating with people all over the world is easier than ever with smartphones.
When technology is proving a boon to us on one side, its negative effects cannot be ignored at the same time. It has become essential to find out ways to minimize the use of digital devices specifically smartphones.

Ways to minimize the use of Mobile Phones-

  1. Set a limit to your phone time- Minimize the total time you spend every day on your phone.
  2. Take a break and acknowledge it- Try to identify when your mental health starts suffering after spending how much time on your smartphone.
  3. Very important to set boundaries for yourself- Identify the timings during the day when it goes well and you can manage without the phone.
  4. Your phone is only for wise use- Use your phone only when it is very essential and only for positive work.

Checkpoints for every parent

As a parent, you must be wondering- how to protect your child from the potential health problems which can be physical all mental Beauty the use of smartphones in an excessive manner.
Please check that-

  1. If your child is growing and has a mobile phone in their hand if he or she is not suffering from depression.
  2. If the child is sleeping properly, eating properly, and his or her behavior.
  3. How old is the result of your child academically?
  4. The way in which a child communicates and relates to others around.

In case you find anything abnormal then

Suggestion for the parent:

  1. Do take out some time and interact face to face with your child on a regular basis.
  2. Keep a check on the applications which are used by the child and keep control that’s how much time they have to spend on it.
  3. Keep the leisure time and the homework time separate from being spent on the screen or mobile phone.
  4. Spend quality time together in the family while eating food and Keep mobile phones away at that time.
  5. Try to engage your child in the outdoor activities and games but at least one hour every day.

Remember that it’s your choice that you make your phone your enemy or a friend. If you learn to spend time with your phone smartly, you will surely make it a boon for yourself to stay more networked professionally, connected, and grounded.

But don’t struggle with your mental health, make these few changes to your so-called today’s digital life and you will get it balanced. You will be able to cope with your stress, depression, and anxiety yourself by just changing your thought process, attitude and adapting better ways to use your phone.

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