June 24, 2024
Depression of Losing

We all share a beautiful bond with our pet, that does not go away. The love they have for us, their affection, and the way they make us feel are unfaltering.

Besides being a walking pal, sounding board, bedmates, they are a true companion as well. They cheer us up in the good and the bad times.

That’s why losing a pet can be more painful than anything else in the world. Though it can be difficult to heal sometimes, it is not impossible. There are definitely resources available that can help to cope you up.

Tips to Overcome the Depression of Losing Your Favorite Pet !!


According to pet owners, who have lost their pets, the grief can be overwhelming. But considering the steps mentioned below can surely help to ease the heaviness.

  • Take time to Grieve  
    Your pet must have been a part of your family for a long time. It is seen people consider themselves as pet parents because they treat their furry friends as a child. So when one loses their pet, mourning is normal and it may take time. It is important to understand that the grief process cannot be forced nor can it be hurried. Thus, it is better to face it instead of running from it.
  • Don’t try to hide anything
    Hiding how you feel is simply giving it a secret room to grow. It is highly suggested not to hide any of your feelings. As it would just delay the grief process and nothing else. Try to participate in the grieving process and do not lock up your emotions. Thus, it is better if you talk to others and share everything you are thinking about.
  • Create a Memory book of your pet

Your pet might have left you behind, but the love remains eternal. It is pretty much easy to assume that you must have pictures of your pet on your phone.So instead of just keeping them hidden in the gallery, try to create a memory book.This would help you to cherish and embrace the memories you both have shared with each other. Also, you can write down good things about your pet on it. 

  • Help other Pets

The best thing you can do to recover from the depression of losing your pet is to help other pets.You can choose to volunteer at the local shelter or help out with animal charity. And yes, you can do all these in the name of your pet.There are many animal organizations that wait for someone to help. You can be that person and ease your depression in no time.

●     Get right Support 

Sometimes losing a pet can be more difficult than anything else in the world. Those who are hurting too much should lookout for ways of getting the right support. The best choice includes your friends and your family members.

People might say that “it was just a cat” but the ones who know you or the bond you shared with the pet would probably offer the right support. With someone you can lean on, recovering can be easier than thought. 

●     Practice self-care

Guess you had a self-care routine to follow before you lost your pet !! What about it now?

When a person loses someone, they lose themselves in the process. It is normal but not after a while. The better you take care of yourself, the easier you cope with depression.

So do not miss the self-care methods and practice after the initial loss. Think of the long term and work on it. Try to eat healthy meals and exercise daily to keep control of your mind and body.

It is recommended to choose healthy activities daily, such as reading or meditating to aid your issue.

It Happens, you can’t have control over Everything 

Pets don’t judge or criticize us, but losing them is no less than losing ourselves, and it can be equally painful as losing a family member. 

Well, those who know they know !!. Hence, it is understandable to experience difficulty in coping with a loss. 

But what matters is how you take care of yourself and let go of the grief.

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