June 24, 2024
5 Tricks To Control Anger During A Fight

Do you go out of control at times when you are angry with someone or about something? Does everyone complain about your hot and rough nature, or do you lose your temper even on small issues?  No doubt, it’s not a healthy habit. It will spoil your relationship with your dearest ones. Besides, it can affect your work as well. Here we have discussed five different ways of controlling your anger, in case you are involved in a fight.

5 Tricks to Control Anger During a Fight

Leave the place:

The best way of controlling anger is that you should leave the irritating environment as early as possible. Your presence for a long time in the same situation may make you out of control. Avoid the person and the environment for the next few days because he or she might raise your anger again to the extreme level. Moreover, try to avoid the people who irritate you, as it would definitely bring issues again and again.


Frustration, tension and mental pressure excite our anger, while Meditation, on the other hand, helps a lot to control emotion. Study shows meditation is the ideal medicine to control anger, it keeps us stay calm and composed, reduces our anger and frustration, and energizes our brain.

So regular practice of meditation for at least 20 minutes will be helpful for you. You can give it a try when you are in an odd and irritating situation. Breathe deeply and slowly when you can’t leave the place, try to focus on every inhaling and exhaling postures. Deep breathing reduces anger and keeps your temper under control.


Humour is a quality that can handle every odd situation; when you present anything with anger it must have an anxious effect on the listener. When you present the same with humor it leaves a good impact on the listener.

They will try to understand you and your situation, besides, your relationship will not spoil. So for the next time when you will become angry use humor to release the cause of your anger. It controls your situation and saves you from the further loss that is led by anger for most of the time.

Take a few seconds to think:

The brain doesn’t remain under control when we are full of anger. Most of the time we shoot the arrows of words to the opposite side which makes us regret in the future. So it is very important to take a few minutes to say something. We can’t get back our words so it is better to think for a few seconds before using them.

Always keep in mind – what you are saying in anger has enough power to hurt kind-hearted persons. So be careful, act politely when you are dealing with a gentle person. Take a few minutes to say something, think twice before you act- it is also a very useful way to build a sweet relationship.

Try to forgive:

Forgiveness is a great virtue. No one will live forever- what will be alive forever is our behavior. No one will remain forever in your life, so try to forgive people, it will increase your tolerance and will keep you composed. If you have a revengeful mentality it must excite anger and make you more and more cruel-minded which is not a positive sign at all.

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You can also make yourself calm by chanting the “take it easy” Mantra at times. When you turn a deaf ear to someone, their words no more attack you and no more excite your anger. These are a few easy and harmless steps to control anger during a fight or argument. Give it a try if you are short-tempered and intend to reduce your anger.




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