September 21, 2023
Best Career Options for Commerce Students

Every commerce student has a question in mind?-What are the Best career options for Commerce Students? After you have cleared your board examination, you need to identify the different career options in the commerce field that individuals can look for after completion of the course. Gone are the days when job opportunities were limited to specific fields. But now students can choose from a plethora of options, find their passion, and as a result, apply for the job they want.

There are various predefined standards that must be removed from the minds of people. The basic idea of this article is to enable aspirants with an experience that allows them to ride a roller coaster every day. The most important task of an individual is to choose a career for himself or herself. There are ample opportunities to pursue after combining your passions with your aspirations .

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List of Best Career Options  for Commerce Students after 12th Class

Below is a list of the top 10 career options for students of the Commerce stream:

  1. Chartered account
  2. Investment banker
  3. Cost accountant
  4. Actuaries
  5. Financial planner
  6. Banking
  7. Company secretary
  8. Insurance
  9. Stock broker
  10. Management accounting

Chartered account:

Chartered Accountant is one of the most promising career options for all commerce students. Those with a background in commerce can apply for Chartered Accountancy which is a professional course. Those who wish to pursue Chartered Accountancy can easily access jobs through a series of exams, internships and by doing some additional certifications. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI has conducts examination to nominate candidates as Chartered Accountants. The job of the CA is to manage the accounting and finances of the company in order to keep records and save the organization from any uncertain situations and unpredictable losses in the business environment.

  • The role of the CA is of an auditor- one of the most important roles in the
  • It is an indispensable position in the company and one of the highest paid jobs in
  • You can expect an annual salary of 600,000 to 700,000 rupees, and with the increased qualifications of an accountant, its value will grow steadily.
  • The challenges of this field is constantly increasing, requiring great effort and practice.
  • This course covers various subjects which includes financial management, auditing, taxation, and accounting.
  • This profession is both lucrative and demanding, so you must work hard to take advantage of the best opportunities

Investment banker:

An investment banker has a big responsibility in a business organization as it’s the most lucrative and vital position. Definitely, it is the best career opportunity for students of commerce field. Being a commerce student, an Investment banker deals with numbers and finances, so they are deemed as the people who are advisers or actually suggests on issues like investment, money and savings to an organization The job profile of an investment banker includes providing financial recommendations to help business organizations to maximally use their resources and enable them to reach their goals.

  • Any person having good knowledge of financial assets and of investments can surely opt for this profession.
  • Varied roles of this occupation can be analysts, associates, etc.
  • This area requires the individual to stay always updated and firmly established as he or she must constantly monitor the market.
  • As an Investment Banker must understand so many factors that can cause the market to rise or fall.
  • Investment bankers help companies make smart investment decisions to increase the value of their assets.
  • An investment banker professional can earn a handsome amount that is approximately 28 lakh rupees per annum.

Cost accountant:

Cost accountant is a person who emphasizes the basics and conceptual foundations of accounting. It involves financial analysis, business organization, currency, economic principles, and various other elements of the world of business finance. If you are keen on managing the company’s cost operations and optimizing resources, a cost accountant may be your best career opportunity in the business field. The job of a cost accountant is to prepare the company’s budget, assets and evaluation of the company’s performance.

  • To become a cost accountant, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree and then other advanced degrees to get a higher position.
  • Bookkeeping is one of the career choices for business students who need to work hard and practice.
  • Making financial reports for various stakeholders such as taxpayers and other regulatory agencies is an important part of accounting.
  • Beginners can earn a good salary of around 400,00 rupees per month, which motivates those who are interested in working.
  • This kind of profession helps individuals to apply their knowledge of commerce in real business environments, thereby helping organizations to maximize the profitability of the potential.


Actuaries are the professionals who study actuarial sciences and who regulate the financial management of various resources. You will study the effects of financial risk and uncertainty in the ever-changing business world. The actuary is the most responsible and important part of a company’s finance department, and each of his steps seriously affects the overall fate of any business organization. It can be one of the most successful and best jobs in the industry.

  • As an actuary you have to evaluate various financial assets, check the security systems of an organization and constantly monitor the daily
  • This field deals with numbers, analysis, assumptions, and other parameters related to business risk
  • The required capabilities of actuaries are analysis, evaluation, asset and liability management.
  • A good understanding of the market and its mechanisms are some important factors that are studied in the work to evaluate assets and control risks.
  • Students should have a background in economics, business administration and finance.
  • The annual salary of actuary ranges from 10-15 Lakhs .
  • Once any aspirant goes for higher qualifications, this amount is further increased, which is beneficial to both the actuaries and business organizations.

Financial planner:

Financial planners are the company’s planning partners and trainers who can help organizations achieve their short- and long-term goals. They have fundamentally cured the financial health of business organizations, so this can be classified as one of the most important career choice for commerce students. Finance Planners thoroughly analyze and interpret available data, have a comprehensive understanding of your income, expenses assets and liabilities. It is about numbers, assumptions, and insights into the business world. Therefore, fulfilling these obligations requires strong background of commerce. Financial planners are not only responsible for financial decisions, but also for formulating strategies related to tax issues, savings, budgets, and assessing the company’s current and future conditions.

  • This job of a financial planner is to integrate various starting
  • Secondly evaluate each alternative and choose the most feasible
  • The entire process requires a good understanding of all the business elements majorly responsible for the particular task being performed.
  • Financial decisions directly affect the way the company Therefore, every decision made must be evaluated very carefully and wisely.


Banking is again one of the most demanding career option in India.  Any student of a commerce stream will definitely prefer to get job into this important sector of economy. The demand of bankers keeps on growing and so brings various opportunities in the banking sector for students. Banking is truly the backbone of an economy of any country. Anytime, rapid growth in the job opportunities can be noticed in the banking sector. As a result a big demand has opened many opportunities in the shape of jobs for candidates. Both in the public and private sectors many vacancies of banking sector can be seen. It requires both good qualification and a good academic background to step into banking sector. For job selection, the process incudes banking examinations at various levels for different jobs of banking sector.

  • A convenient and good, government job with lucrative salary, and social acceptance is what this sector can promise to an individual.
  • Emergence of Foreign and National banks in the job market has brought a boom for all the commerce students in this field.
  • Traditionally commerce students automatically are well-suited for banking jobs and get associated with banking generally.
  • Generally other course students don’t feel being ventured into it, but any student with a bachelor’s degree surely can get into this job as it is easily highlighted career option in commerce.

Company Secretary:

A secretary of the company acts as a seeker of conscientious for a company, has a main position in an organization. The work of a CS is to track income statements, maintain returns, has a Council for the Council of Directors, and must make sure that the company functions within legal and ethical conformity. He or She acts as a mediator in-between the stakeholders of society, such as shareholders, government, the board of directors, etc. The Institute of the Secretaries (ICSI) of India is an authorized body that regulates the profession of a secretary of the company. They provide training and certification to the aspirants who wish to become CA.

  • A candidate must complete all the three levels of examination in The field requires experience in the law of the company.
  • A good command on the language is also They must be competent with numbers and, at the same time, they must be a meticulous planner.
  • Therefore, it can be classified as one of the best career and offers the best jobs in the field of commerce.
  • You can expect a handsome salary of 7 -8 lakh a year.


Nowadays, Insurance professionals are in a big demand as they act as a mediator between the various insurance companies and the clients. They communicate clearly company’s schemes and various offers to the customers. They also guide them about benefits of schemes in details and in choosing the best out of available. Customer’s grievances are also reported to the company by them. The ultimate goal of insurance professionals is to serve customers and bring business for the organization. With the spurt growth in this sector from last few years, the job options are increasing in this field day by day.

  • Various roles can be opted by an aspirant as in this occupation roles ranges from an insurance underwriter to a sales manager or as insurance agent.
  • Anyone must have good communication skills, explicitly convincing power, a deep understanding of all business terms for this job.
  • For commerce students this job can be easy and convenient career option in case student is very clear and straight with various policies, schemes and financial status.

Stock Broker:

As a Stock broker one has to sell financial securities and stock in the market keeping in mind the constant change in market. The market keeps on fluctuating, as a stock broker you need to monitor the ups or the downs of the market. It can be best opportunity for an aspirant who can keep a dynamic approach on the functioning of the market. SENSEX, NIFTY works are some of the names where they need to keep focus.

  • This job is open for every individual irrespective of their academic background.
  • For a commerce student, it is more feasible as they have studied deeply various financial terms. Grasping the complexities of investing mechanisms is easier for them.

Management Accounting:

Management accounting or managerial accounting is another good career options for commerce students where they need to provide financial information and required resources to the company managers. They play crucial role in the decision-making process of any organization. Financial statements, invoices are shared with them by the financial department in this process. Managerial accounting enables the management staff to take accurate decisions at the right time with the use of various tools and accurate statistical data.

  • They help in taking the business decision operations at various levels of the company smoothly.
  • A role of a management accountant is vital as it aims to identify various business risks.
  • Implementation of both theoretical knowledge and practical in real business situations is the major focus in this profile.

For all commerce students- a thought

Above we have listed the top 10 career options after class 12th for a commerce student and which offer highly paid jobs.

You need not decide under traditions or in the societal pressures for your career. Look out for all opportunities. Choose the role for yourself in this economic world and always fly with colors of success and growth. Look out for your passion and rely on that stuff only that beckons.

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