July 16, 2024
Career counseling for Students

What to choose or which option is best for you? -This is the most frequent question in the mind of every student at an academic level, at the undergraduate level, and many times even after joining a job. In this article, you will know why career counseling is important for a student.

Think before we begin-

  • Do you think studying and holding a degree in hand is enough?
  • Are you able to identify your own skills?
  • Do you take the most important decisions for your career randomly in your life?
  • Have you ever thought that every year many students get a degree from a college or a university but they land up doing nothing concrete because the industry is growing rapidly and students remain unaware of the wide variety of career options available these days.

Career counseling for students-what is its need?

Every student is different, possessing unique abilities and needs correct career guidance for being successful in life. It’s important to address the needs of every child and support their skills. Children must be observed closely through career counseling which helps to develop an authentic and caring relationship with them. This is where Career Counselling for students comes in light to show the right path to the students and many young minds to grow. It has become a need today as most students choose the common domain as their career option.

How Career Counselling and Career Development complement each other?

Career development is a process that transforms the life, in actual started when you were born! Number of factors that impact on your career development, includes your interests, abilities, personal values, individual personality, background, and definitely circumstances. Career counseling for students at various stages in life helps in their career development.

What is Career Counseling?

  • Career Counselling is the systematic process of analyzing the student’s skills, strengths, competencies, area of interest and mapping it with the right career option and education.
  • Career Counselling for students helps children to identify their actual potential and guides them in finding their goal in life realistically.
  • Career counselling helps in clearing the doubts by giving a clear view to the students what they can expect from various educational courses.
  • Career counselling is objective and strategic always, which helps every child at any stage of life in sorting his or her life.

Who is exactly a Career Counsellor?

Career counselors help the students in finding the applicable career options as per their interest and competence. They conduct regular aptitude tests and one to one counselling sessions to identify the specific abilities and skills of a child. Career counselors have complete knowledge of the job sector of various domains to help students in correlating their education and career. It’s child psychology which is adapted by career counsellors to help every child in overcoming the hurdles in the path of their success. Career Counselling not only helps the students to make the correct decisions for their career but brings the confidence in them to take effective decisions ahead in their life. It helps in improving the overall performance of the students. They help students to make a well planned track to follow their goals and to achieve them. It helps in identifying the key factors which lead to their career development.

What can anyone expect from a career counsellor?

  • Figure out who you are and what you exactly want from your education, career, and your goal in life.
  • Be someone with whom you talk about your feelings, weaknesses, strengths, thoughts, own ideas, and concerns about your life, career or educational choices.
  • Will surely help you to sort out, well organize, and make realistic sense of your ideas, feelings and thoughts.
  • Help you in identifying the factors which influence your career development, and work as per your interests, skills, and values.
  • Help you in finding the resources and sources for specific career information.
  • Help you to define next steps and to develop a concrete plan for achieving your goals.

What anyone cannot expect from your Career Counselor:

  • Wash your brain and tell you what to do, or compel you to choose any course.
  • Will ever let you take crucial decisions like your course selection or scheduling in a hurry.

Who actually needs Career Counseling?

When we understand that career development is a lifelong journey. Specifically all the students who have just cleared their class 10th must understand that  which is the correct stream after class 10th for

them to choose.  Next is to know exactly- career options for commerce, options for science and options for arts.  For those, Career Counseling can be most appropriate for those who are students of high school, fresher, sophomore, undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and even alumni.

Examples of some concerns of students that persuade them to go for Career Counseling:

To explore Career and Various Major Options

  • “You are blank and don’t know what you want to do with your life.”
  • “You don’t know what to select majorly in career.”
  • “You have selected a few career options, but feeling hard to choose the best among them.”
  • “You know what you want to select majorly, but have no idea where you will land up once you graduate.”
  • “You know what you want, but not sure of what would be best for you.
  • “You wish to get a complete understanding of openings of job sectors with a particular selection of career.”
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